2017 First Year Player Draft

                              Round    Overall    Organization            Status                 Pool Amount       Signing Bonus
Trevor Craport        UTIL     11th      338th    Baltimore Orioles       Signed
Oscar Serratos        SS       14th      432nd    Cleveland Indians       Unsigned
Zac Ryan              RHP      23rd      685th    Los Angeles Angels      Signed 6/18
Elliott Barzilli      3B       32nd      959th    Miami Marlins           Former Tech player
Jason Rooks           OF       35th     1040th    Atlanta Braves          Unsigned - Did not enroll at Tech
Ryan Peurifoy         CF       38th     1138th    Pittsburgh Pirates      Signed 6/23
Colin Hall            CF       39th     1166th    Colorado Rockies        Unsigned - Enrolled at Tech   
Baron Radcliff        RF       40th     1190th    Atlanta Braves          Unsigned - Enrolled at Tech

The draft took place June 12-14 for high school seniors, college juniors and seniors, and other college players born prior to July 26, 1996.

Signing deadline: July 7 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern.
Notes: The signing deadline does not apply to college seniors and undrafted players.
       Undrafted players are eligible to sign until they begin Fall Semester classes.