2016 First Year Player Draft

                              Round    Overall    Organization            Status                 Pool Amount       Signing Bonus
Taylor Trammell        OF    1st-Supp     35th    Cincinnati Reds         Signed 6/13             $1,837,200         $3,200,000
Connor Justus          SS      5th       156th    Los Angeles Angels      Signed 6/14               $347,700           $250,000 
Matt Gonzalez          2B      6th       169th    Atlanta Braves          Signed 6/12               $306,600            $25,000
Brandon Gold           RHP    12th       350th    Colorado Rockies        Signed 6/14
Matthew Gorst          RHP    12th       358th    Boston Red Sox          Signed 6/24
Arden Pabst            C      12th       375th    Pittsburgh Pirates      Signed 6/16
Elliott Barzilli       3B     29th       877th    Houston Astros          Former Tech player

Signing deadline: July 15 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern.
Notes: The signing deadline does not apply to college seniors and undrafted players.
       Undrafted players are eligible to sign until they begin Fall Semester classes.