2014 First Year Player Draft

                             Round    Overall    Organization            Status         Pool Amount      Signing Bonus
Sam Clay              LHP     4th      110th     Minnesota Twins         Signed 6/10      $476,110         $400,000
Josh Heddinger        RHP    14th      430th     Detroit Tigers          Signed 6/10                       $100,000
Dusty Isaacs          RHP    18th      534th     Toronto Blue Jays       Signed 6/10
Matthew Grimes        RHP    18th      541st     Baltimore Orioles       Signed 6/10
Brad Markey           RHP    19th      559th     Chicago Cubs            Former Tech
Daniel Spingola       CF     24th      709th     Chicago Cubs            Returning to Tech
Paul Kronenfeld       1B     25th      755th     Cincinnati Reds         Former Tech
Mott Hyde             IF     26th      766th     Houston Astros          Signed 6/11

Signing deadline: July 18 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern.
Notes: The signing deadline does not apply to college seniors and undrafted players.
       Undrafted players are eligible to sign until they begin Fall Semester classes.