2013 First Year Player Draft

                             Round    Overall    Organization            Status         Pool Amount      Signing Bonus
Josh Hart             OF     Comp A     37th     Baltimore Orioles       Signed 6/20     $1,508,600       $1,450,000
Daniel Palka          1B     3rd        88th     Arizona Diamondbacks    Signed 6/13       $602,600         $550,000
Zane Evans            C      4th       114th     Kansas City Royals      Signed 6/14       $450,400         $400,000
Buck Farmer           RHP    5th       156th     Detroit Tigers          Signed 6/13       $300,400         $225,000
Terry McClure         OF     8th       229th     Colorado Rockies        Signed            $159,100         $250,000
Kyle Wren             OF     8th       253rd     Atlanta Braves          Signed 6/7        $150,500         $150,500
Brandon Thomas        OF     8th       254th     New York Yankees        Signed 6/14       $150,200          $75,000
Conner Kendrick*      LHP    9th       284th     New York Yankees        Signed 6/15       $140,200         $115,000             
Sam Dove              2B    14th       421st     Philadelphia Phillies   Signed 6/14
Matthew Grimes        RHP   31st       931st     Philadelphia Phillies   Unsigned

Signing deadline: July 12 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern.
Note: the signing deadline does not apply to seniors.

*Kendrick pitched at Tech in 2011 before transferring.