2008 First Year Player Draft

                           Round    Overall   Organization            Status
Charlie Blackmon    OF      2nd        72     Colorado Rockies        Signed 6/8 - $563,000 bonus
David Duncan        LHP     5th       152     Houston Astros          Signed 6/6 - $185,000 bonus
Chris Hicks         RHP    14th       422     Houston Astros          Signed 8/5
Mark Pope           RHP    17th       520     Atlanta Braves          Unsigned -Enrolled at Tech
Jason Haniger       C      19th       564     Pittsburgh Pirates      Unsigned - Returned to Tech
Luke Murton         OF     33rd      1008     Arizona Diamondbacks    Unsigned - Returned to Tech
Brandon Miller      C      33rd      1012     Boston Red Sox          Unsigned -Enrolled at Tech
Brad Rulon          RHP    34th      1040     New York Yankees        Signed
Eddie Burns         RHP    39th      1131     Cleveland Indians       Signed 8/14

Signing deadline: August 15